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Art of Travel is a travel manufactory for high-end holidays based in Munich. For more than 30 years, the passionate travel experts have been creating individual travel dreams that precisely fulfil the needs and wishes of each individual customer. The team is always looking for something unique and the term exclusive is taken literally. In both directions – a lot can only be booked and experienced through Art of Travel. And every single travel experience is tailor-made exclusively for each individual customer.

"Let them tell their story, listen carefully and empathise with their needs" is Art of Travel's credo.

Art of Travel's core expertise is characterised by far more than first-class "product knowledge" and knowledge of the global market as well as the trends and offers of tomorrow. Each of the 31 experts of the Art of Travel team specialises in their destination with love and passion. For all of them, it is not a job, but a vocation. Everyone has been with the company for a long time and therefore has a wealth of experience. This also speaks in favour of the good atmosphere at Art of Travel.

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Nobert Pokorny is the founder and head of Art of Travel. He is also one of the inventors of luxury tourism. When he joined the travel industry at the end of the 1980s, times were different. There was no internet and the remote corners of the world were barely known or not at all. And there wasn’t this variety of offers. And so, he had the wonderful platform to live his dream and pave the way for the luxury travel industry as it exists today. And yet he still does many things the same way or consistently differently today. And that is what has characterised and distinguished him and Art of Travel from the very beginning.

Art of Travel

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