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The 5-star Farol Hotel is located on the steep cliffs of the Atlantic.

A few minutes' walk to the center of Cascais and a 20-minute drive to the center of Lisbon.

The manor house from 1890, which once belonged to the Count of Cabral, was extended by an annex in 2002. The result is a fascinating symbiosis of the architectural style of the 19th century and daring modern architecture – a design masterpiece that extends over the rocks and offers a wonderful view of the Atlantic Ocean and the picturesque sunsets.

The design rooms are conceptually unique and offer a special kind of living experience.


Two restaurants seduce you with excellent creations. The MIX celebrates Mediterranean fusion cuisine based on local and traditional ingredients and flavors. At SUSHI DESIGN on the other hand delicate sushi and sashimi pamper the guests' palates.

Farol Hotel 5 in Cascais, Portugal


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